09. April 2015

Sewage sludge recycling plant under construction

Energy-self-sufficient sludge recycling by sludge drying and reformation.

December 2014: Thermo-System has confirmed the contract for the construction of a plant for drying and reformation of sewage sludge in Strass/Austria. The upcoming sludge amount of 25,000 t/a will be dried up to a DS content of 90 % in a SmartDry belt dryer and subsequently gasified in a SludgeReformer. Due to the mineralization of the sludge, organic pollutants will be destroyed and heavy metals will be removed. As result, the emerging fertilizer coal will leave the plant as a valuable end product and can be recycled to the nutrient cycle. This innovative concept is incorporated into the existing waste water treatment and biogas plant and will set new benchmarks in terms of energy efficiency and protection of the environment.