01. March 2018

3 North Sea Islands with Electric Mole

After Juist and Wyk, a solar drying plant will be built on the North Sea island of Langeoog!


Thermo-System is building a solar sewage sludge drying plant on Langeoog, in which not only the fresh sludge, but also the sludge from the existing sludge humification will be dried. The sewage sludge humification will be stopped at this time.

For the island location is planned a Thermo-System storage-dryer, because of the capability to dry the sewage sludge and store it at the same time.This makes the process largely weather independent and no additional storage for wet sludge is needed. The drying plant will be filled continuously and have to be cleared only once or twice a year. The sludge treatment will be carried out by our robust and 100 times proven Electric Mole.