World’s Largest Solar Drying Plant in Marrakech

Electric Mole

02. April 2018

World’s Largest Solar Drying Plant in Marrakech goes into operation

Thermo-System and Waterleau have completed the prospectively largest solar sewage sludge drying plant worldwide in Marrakech/Morocco.


The Moroccan public utility company RADEEMA awarded the Belgian-German joint venture of Waterleau and Thermo-System with the mission to plan and construct a solar sludge drying plant in Marrakech.

The plant will be operated following the Thermo-System SolarBatch procedure with the patented Electric Mole turning robot. Approximately 75 000 t of sludge will be dried from 22% up to 80% DS on a total drying area of 40 320 m² in 28 independent drying lines per year. This corresponds to a mass reduction of approx. 55 000 t per year. Additionally further drying halls with a total area of more than 17 000 m² are designated for storage purposes.

Solar drying of sewage sludge with this applied technology is environment-friendly, easy to operate and extremely energy-efficient. Therefore, the intended plant will be an important environmental step and a flagship action for the city of Marrakech.